May 30, 2011

Working the cattle

Good morning girls, it’s going to be a fun day!!!
IMG_0582First we need to get all the cattle rounded up from the pasture.  We chase them into the corner of the pasture, try to get them all out onto the road at the same time.  Then we need to get them all into the yard and into the corral.  Actually this all went really well.  We didn’t have any run away or cause much problem.  The only thing is that about 20 of them decided to go right through my garden and make a huge mess of it.  I am going to have peas coming up through September given how deep some of them are now planted.IMG_0585After getting them all into the corral, we separated the cows and calves.  Once the calves are in a separate pen, we separate all the cows into different pens based on which pasture they will be going to.IMG_0587
Then it is time to get the calves worked.  They are branded and given a couple of shots.  IMG_0600IMG_0603IMG_0606IMG_0607We had a little helper.  He loved catching the calves!!IMG_0645And yes, the branding part does stink, especially when the breeze blows it right in your face!!IMG_0614

May 25, 2011

Deep Creek

I guess the creek was deeper than he thought….

Dirt pile

Morgan and Parker having fun on the gravel pile.  There are two “slides” that they scoot down on.  They pretty much sit down and scoot along about a foot and then jump up and do it again.  As long as they are having fun!!

May 23, 2011


The race is on to the 4-wheeler.  First one there gets the front.  


This is the field that was seeded on May 9.  

Fixing Fence

Since it rained so much over the weekend, it is now time to get the cattle out into the pastures.  But first we need to fix the fences.  With all the rain we came upon this in many places.  Lots of water.  And with all the snowfall this winter, there were a lot of fences down in the creeks.  
IMG_1027Got to love my Keens.  These kept my feel dry after walking through all this water.  Although after we got back from fixing this area… said that this is why she wears her muck boots.  Would have been good to know about 6 hours earlier.  Next time…..IMG_1025
IMG_1022IMG_1029IMG_1042   IMG_1039
Until tomorrow……

May 17, 2011

Tractor ride

One happy little boy getting a tractor ride from daddy!!  They were both smiling ear to ear!
IMG_0980 - Copy

May 16, 2011

Wind, wind and more wind

We certainly didn’t need the windsock to tell us how windy it was out today.  Gusts up to 45 mph.  At least we know that the new windsock can hold up to that much wind ALL day long.  



The wind blew off the top to one of our storage sheds.  It actually blew it across the yard, over the fence, into the pasture, almost hitting a cow.

DSC_3657And it blew out the pilot light on our water heater for the first time.  Which of course meant a cold shower for me….because the only time a person realizes that the water heater is getting cold is part way through a shower!!

May 15, 2011

Future soccer player…..

It was a nice sunny morning so the kids and I headed outside to play.  Morgan right away took to the new soccer balls.  Kicking them around the yard like she had been doing this for months.  She would kick it to me and tell me to kick it back.  She might be a future soccer player.


The grass really is greener….

This cow really proves that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  Luckily for me, I don’t need to get that close to the fence when mowing.  The cows do a really great job of keeping that trimmed up for me!!
The other cows are grazing in the pasture and the calves are being lazy.  Enjoying the sun that has decided to come out after several days of rain and clouds.

May 14, 2011

Moon Dough

The kids love their moon dough.  It is squishy, light and fluffy stuff.  The kids shred it up with forks and knives.  They make mountains out of it.  They use the molds to make little animals.  They cut it up. 

But before you open up the container…be prepared for a mess.  Before the kids can play with their moon dough, the table needs to be washed and the floor needs to be swept.   Moon dough gets everywhere.  I need to catch them before they run into their bedroom or living room in order to do a full body brush off.  Socks need to be changed.  Many times the pants are changed too. 

Fun but a mess.





May 13, 2011


What can I get into next……



Yup…..she has lots of curls.  Add a little curl cream to her hair and we have curls all day long.


Busy little man

Parker is always busy doing something.  He LOVES the shop water hose.  The other day the water was left on and he got a hold of the hose.  He accidentally dropped the sprayer just right and it got stuck spraying himself and shooting directly up to the ceiling.  


May 11, 2011

Getting Greener

The ditches are finally starting to get some green grass!



Which looks so much better than what the view was back in February:


May 10, 2011

Seeded field

One of the first fields that was seeded on 5/9/11 with spring wheat.

May 9, 2011

Baby kitties

Kitty had four babies three weeks ago. They are starting to crawl around quite a bit. These are the first kittens on the farm in a really long time. 



I wish…

If only “I” could drive this thing by myself…


Just chillin

Just chilling by the 4 wheeler waiting for a ride…