May 30, 2011

Working the cattle

Good morning girls, it’s going to be a fun day!!!
IMG_0582First we need to get all the cattle rounded up from the pasture.  We chase them into the corner of the pasture, try to get them all out onto the road at the same time.  Then we need to get them all into the yard and into the corral.  Actually this all went really well.  We didn’t have any run away or cause much problem.  The only thing is that about 20 of them decided to go right through my garden and make a huge mess of it.  I am going to have peas coming up through September given how deep some of them are now planted.IMG_0585After getting them all into the corral, we separated the cows and calves.  Once the calves are in a separate pen, we separate all the cows into different pens based on which pasture they will be going to.IMG_0587
Then it is time to get the calves worked.  They are branded and given a couple of shots.  IMG_0600IMG_0603IMG_0606IMG_0607We had a little helper.  He loved catching the calves!!IMG_0645And yes, the branding part does stink, especially when the breeze blows it right in your face!!IMG_0614

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