July 10, 2011


Update on how my garden is doing.
This is the garden that is just behind my house.  I am pleased with how well it is growing considering how late I planted it.   This is one of five garden spots that we planted through out the farm.  I will post pictures of the other ones soon.
Two full rows of tomatoes.  I think there are around 60 plants here.  These plants looked fairly sick when I first planted them.  There are only two of them that did not grow well.  The three small ones on the first picture are the cherry tomatoes and seem to be somewhat stunted.
IMG_3715IMG_3716Four patches of green beans.IMG_3717Here are the beets.  This is the first year that I have ever gotten beets to grow.  The last three years the rabbits beat me to them once they came up.IMG_3718

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