June 20, 2011

Is it raining over there?

With all the rain that we have been having here is a typical conversation that can be heard over our 2-way radios.
Dad: “The clouds are starting to look dark to the south west.”
Bucky: “Yeah, I just ran into some light showers over here.”
Mom: “No rain here yet.  I think it is going to miss us.”
Brian: “Just a few sprinkles here too.”
Dad: “I think I am going to get hit hard soon.”
Me..stopping in the yard to check the radar: “Dad, there is a huge storm coming your way.  It just keeps building. And it looks like it will hit us all”
Calvin: “It’s dry over here.”
Dad: “I’m done. It is pouring”
Mom: “Still going over here.”

An hour later…..everyone is in the shop….talking about how hard it is raining again.  This conversation was repeated many times with many different versions.

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