June 15, 2011

My Garden

I have been trying to get my garden planted for the past 5 weeks.  But it has been raining and raining and raining.  When it is not raining we are mowing.  When the ground is dry enough to work in then we are in the field trying to get the crops in.  So my garden has been waiting.  Today we were determined to get the rest of it planted.  It has been two days since a hard rainfall…..oh wait…..I think it rained again in the middle of the night.  I can’t keep track anymore!!
Back to the garden.  About five weeks ago I planted the potatoes, lettuce, radishes, and peas. Then the garden took a hard hit from about 20 cows and never really recovered.  Last week we tilled it again and I finally planted the tomatoes, peppers and onions that have been sitting by the house.  Then it started raining again.  We had about 2 inches in like an hour and rain showers on/off all week.  I think everything is still in the ground.  Today we tried tilling again.  My mom got the tractor stuck!!  Bucky insisted on getting a picture of this so there would be proof that he was not the only one who got stuck this spring….He has gotten stuck three times.
So…..the garden is still not planted…..
IMG_1959 The 4-wheeler didn’t budge the tractor so we had to bring in the pickup.

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