September 8, 2011

Compost pile

I am new to composting.  I was tired of throwing out all the vegetable and fruit peelings so I decided to start a compost pile.  I started this pile mid June with grass clippings and various stuff from the kitchen.  I threw in a Bobcat loader of horse manure.  I mix up the pile every so often.  It needs to be mixed up again and have a layer of grass clippings put on top so some of this stuff starts decomposing better.  I am surprised that it does not smell bad at all.      

The chickens love all the kitchen leftovers too….so I have to split up the goodies between the chickens and compost pile.  I did read that chicken manure is a great addition to a compost pile. 


It looks like a wandering cow found her way to the garden and compost pile last night.  There was evidence in front of the pile…..with a pile of her “stuff”.  I just scooped it up and threw it in the compost!!IMG_3570IMG_3571These little prints are too small for a cow.  So I guess her calf was along too!

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  1. Thanks for visiting...I am following you back! I am little jealous of your farm...deep down I would love to be a farm girl :)

    have a great weekend!