September 12, 2011

Green Peppers

This year I planted way too many pepper plants.  This is the third batch of peppers that I have cut up and froze.  There are just way too many of them.  I don’t know what else to do with them right now.  We are going to be eating a lot of chili this winter!! 

I started with about three ice cream pails of green peppers.  I washed and cored them.  A few went straight to the chickens because their skins were really thin or wilty.   Plus I just have way too many so I threw a few more to the chickens.  And the chickens love the green pepper cores.

I diced a bunch, sliced a few and left some in half.  I sliced these a different way this time.  The other bunch I sliced the long way. 

IMG_7279I have been using sandwich bags to divide these up into serving sizes.  Usually one cup of diced or about one pepper sliced.  Then I put a bunch of these baggies into a foodsaver freezer bag and vacuum seal it.  As I need peppers now, I just cut open the bag right below the seal, take out my little baggie, and reseal the bag with my foodsaver machine.  This seems to work really great for me.  IMG_7281


  1. You certainly have a lot of green peppers! I like green peppers. They add a lot of flavour to food! Take care and have a good week.

  2. LOL- at least peppers are yummy!

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  3. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
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  4. I have been wanting to invest in a food saver machine? do you find it is worth your invest?
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